What is Forbidden Flirt?
It's online dating for married people who want a "bit on the side" or don't mind being a "bit on the side". Married people can meet other people for flirting, chat, online dating or having a real, live face to face date. We have a mixture of people - singles looking for a married flirt, married men looking for a single girl, married women looking for illicit sex with younger single men.

Why do people join this site?
There are many people with partners - married or living with someone - who find that their relationship has gone stagnant - love and sex has dried up or does not stimulate them any more. Some people have fallen out of love but don't want to leave their partner. We just make it easy for you to meet people who are seeking the same as you.

Is it wrong to date married people?
Some people don't approve, but other people are keen to have an affair with a married woman or a married man. There is a demand for this service, which is why we offer it to you.

Why do Women get Free membership, but Men don't?
It's a fact of life that more men than women are attracted to extra marital affairs. We give females free membership to ensure there are enough women to satisfy the needs of all our men. We find that most men are very happy to pay for a quality service that gives them results.

How can I keep this a secret if you show my photo?
It usually results in a better response if you can show a photo of yourself, but we realise that showing your face is not often possible or wise. We like the photo to be of "you" rather than something that does not give other members a hint as to what you are like. To get round this some photos can be of a part of your body, or try hiding part of your face, or wearing something over your face. Be imaginative about how you present your image. Remember that all photos are looked at by a human eye at Forbidden Flirt and manually approved. You also need to be careful about what you write in your profile if you want to remain discreet.

Are all members married?
No. Many are single but don't object to hooking up with a married man or married woman. Many single members are specifically seeking someone married - they suit a particular need like, for example, someone to meet with for love and sex every couple of weeks. Many members are married and looking for sex with married or un-married people. We also have married couples where both husband and wife are members and encourage each other to find others for sex.

Why do you charge for this service. Shouldn't it be free?
If you want to find a married woman using your own resources you'd struggle to match what we can offer you. Just ONE Classified Advert would cost more than our monthy membership cost. There are plenty of completely FREE Dating Sites around and you are welcome to join them. We are confident though that for paying a little something to be a member of Forbidden Flirt it's a much better investment of your time and money because we can manage who joins the site. The site is secure both on the finance and personal privacy and safety aspects, packed with a huge choice of quality members and most of all, we cater specifically for extra-marital affairs.

What if I don't find anyone I like?
Hey, that's unlikely. We do everything we can to ensure we have thousands of members that could fit your requirements. You can increase your chances of success by making your profile ultra-good - with the right photo and a witty profile - responding to interested people promptly, using the "Wink" and "Ice-breaker" introduction tools. It's easy to cancel your membership - just go to the support section and ask us to close your account.

How can I do this without getting Found Out?
Having a secret affair can be risky. You must be really sure you can handle it, and manage the outcome if you get found out. A lot of people will advise that you'll always get found out. That's not true - it's up to you how you handle it. Cover your tracks and never brag about it to anyone. Remember to delete emails or text messages. See our Hints and Tips section for more help on keeping your secret a secret.


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  • Members looking for a Married Affair
  • Find Friends With Benefits (FWB)
  • All UK extra-marital affair seekers
  • Illicit affairs with married people
  • Discreet Dating for Unhappily Married people
  • Meet lonely wives or hungry husbands

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Discreet Dating for Unhappily Married people. Extramarital affairs with married dating at Forbidden Flirt.

Illicit affairs with married people. Have an affair with a married woman. You may be looking for an FWB - Friend with Benefits, just for sex and no commitment to a relationship.

Sex Hungry Housewives can often feel alone and neglected. Lonely wives dream of a hot steamy affair with a married man or a single, younger man. Quite often men get bored in their marriage and seek the sexual pleasures of a woman who wants sex with a married man. It may be because he doesn't come along with all the baggage - expectations, demands, complications - that a lot of single men have. Forbidden Flirt has married women and married men, who are actively seeking an affair outside their existing relationship.