Many people can have illicit affairs and keep them going for years without being found out. Don't embark on this if you feel you have too much to loose.

Finding the right person
Think about what you are after. You can search Forbidden Flirt by AGE, by LOCATION and by PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS. If you're planning to meet up with someone choose to make contact with them in a location that they or you are going to be able to get to easily. If you live and work in different locations then a date who lives near where you work could be ideal.

Select from a wider range for Age and Characteristics to get a bigger choice of potential mates. When you make a connection try to find out as much as you can about the other member before you decide to meet them. Nurture the relationship in the safety of an online format.

First Date
Your first meeting - the date, time and location - depends on how well you get on and also on what you intend to do. It's old fashioned but don't rush into sex - find out about each other first. Remember safety - you are meeting someone you don't know. So always have an exit plan if things don't go very well.

Agree how you will make contact
You don't want unexpected calls on your phone, unless you want to live dangerously. Agree when and how you should contact each other.

Safe Sex - Avoid STD's
Protect yourselves. It's not nice to get a sexually transmitted disease, but worse if you have to explain to someone how you caught it.

Using SatNav
Be careful when using SatNav as previous destinations are stored. A suspicious spouse will check everything to catch you out.

Using a Mobile Phone
Remember to delete your Inbox and Sent Messages as soon as possible when texting. Reset the Call register. Mobile phones are the single biggest give-away.

Using a Computer or Laptop
Delete emails and change your passwords regularly. Don't write passwords down or use family names as a password. That makes it so easy for a cheated partner to find out what you're up to. Be careful when using Social Networks like Twitter or Facebook. Your friends might not be real friends if they suspect, and don't approve of what you're doing. Friends can often do your partner a favour by telling them that you're cheating on them. Don't join Facebook Dating groups or other visible dating interest sites.

How can I keep this a secret if you show my photo?
It usually results in a better response if you can show a photo of yourself, but we realise that showing your face is not often possible or wise. We like the photo to be of "you" rather than something that does not give other members a hint as to what you are like. To get round this some photos can be of a part of your body, or try hiding part of your face, or wearing something over your face. Be imaginative about how you present your image. Remember that all photos are looked at by a human eye at Forbidden Flirt and manually approved. You also need to be careful about what you write in your profile if you want to remain discreet.

How can I do this without getting Found Out?
Having a secret affair can be risky. A lot of people will advise that you'll always get found out. That's not always true - it's up to you how you handle it. Cover your tracks and never brag about it to anyone. Remember to delete emails or text messages.

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