Darren (Essex)
I was giving up on finding a girlfriend. My own fault really. i spend too many years drinking with mates and treated women as sex objects. Mainly online porno sites. So I never found out how to date a girl. One day I discovered all my mates had got hitched with someone and I was on my own.

I thought Forbidden Flirt was a porn site, but I'm glad i checked it out. I just joined and wow, some great women - not all married. Already got 2 possible ladies and meeting one this weekend. Just hope I manage to treat her like a lady. Just wanted to tell you how chuffed i was with your site and so far, so good.

Pauline (Bolsover) is so strange. It's like when you're looking for a car and you see dozens, but go back to the first one you saw. Well Forbidden Flirt was just like that. I signed up and within 10 minutes I was surfing through the men, and was amazed that in no time a never-ending stream of admirers started to get in touch with me. The first one, Adam, was a 28 year old single guy looking for a fling with a married woman (like me). He lived not far away, we met the next day, and after 20 years of marriage, 18 of them with no sex, it was like someone had re-ignited my pilot light and turned the gas up high. This site really works.

2 great sites for finding married women

When my marriage was on the rocks I though long and hard about what to do. I still loved my wife, but we always ended up arguing over everything and she had lost all interest in sex. I tried a few marital Dating type sites and many took me down a dead end. Eventually I hit on Illicit Encounters and found that it really worked for me. I met quite a few women there and had some very satisfying encounters.

I have no complaints about Illicit Encounters, they are brlliant and I still use them. I also discovered Forbidden Flirt and for value for money they keep me stocked up with some fantastic females, some of whom I see regularly and call good friends. I am still married and we now have an agreement - I look after my wife financially and emotionally - still i love with each other, but both happy with our arrangement. Life is good - far from conventional, but good.

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